Grazing Tables

Grazing.  Who doesn’t love grazing?


What does a Grazing Table include?

We try to include as much locally sourced and seasonal produce as possible, so the contents of our grazing tables will vary, but here is a list of what you might typically receive:
  • Freshly baked sliced French Bread, bread sticks, and a variety of gourmet crackers
  • Three or four cured meats, including Prosciutto, Salami and other specialty meats
  • A variety of artisan cheeses, usually including one aged cheese, one soft cheese, one firm cheese, and one blue cheese
  • Assorted olives and/or pickled vegetables
  • Dried fruits & nuts
  • Homemade preserves and chutneys
  • A selection of fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs for both decoration & consumption
  • Chocolate and other sweet treats!
All of these foods are beautifully presented in a way that allows all guests to chose what they want to eat.  Coming together with friends and family to share experiences, tell stories, and eat beautiful food!

Our tables can also be customized to work with dietary requirements (e.g. kid-friendly, meat-free, gluten-free, dairy free, non-pork, cheese preferences, etc). If there is something specifically you wish to see or want us to avoid, we can always work together to ensure its just right!


Grazing Options

We have Grazing Tables to meet anyone’s needs!

Pend Orielle Bay

Our smallest option can be served as a romantic dinner for 2, or as a nice snack or appetizer to enjoy with 6 to 10 friends!  It would also be perfect for a small business meeting.

Gold Hill 

We also have a slim 2 foot board that is ideal for a meal for around 4-6 people, or an appetizer or snack for 10-20 people.

Maiden Rock

Our next size up is a wider 2 1/2 foot board that can feed 6-10 people a full meal, or an appetizer or snack for 20-30 people!

Mineral Point

Another option is our wide 3 foot board.  It’s perfect for an open house or a larger business meeting!  It would make a great meal for 10-15 people or a snack or appetizer for around 30-40 guests.


Our 6.5 foot boards are perfect for your Holiday Parties!  They make a great meal for around 25-30 people, and a perfect snack or appetizer for 50-60 people.

Scotchman’s Peak

We are also able to combine our boards together for large gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, and family reunions!  Two large boards together would feed around 50-60 hungry people and would be a great snack for around 100, but we can always go bigger that that if needed! Price:  Varies depending on the size of your party.